Monday, June 30, 2014

My shovel died

I am the kind of person that has one of each item.  I believe that I only need one, and I take care, and keep track, of that one tool.  Having more than one requires additional storage space, and is unnecessary.  Now, I might have multiple types of an item, say 3 sizes of cookie scoops, or different lengths of phillips-head screwdrivers, but never the exact same part....unless, of course, someone gives me one when I had already purchased one.

Anyways, I had a shovel.  I have used my shovel for SO many digging projects, because digging is a hereditary trait that my father gave me, and it has withstood my up and down weight yo-yo without complaints.

Last summer, my shovel and I dug out a 24'x2' spot for a flower bed, and a 2-ft deep hole for a transplanted lilac bush, and countless other smaller flower areas and transplanted plants.  I love my shovel.  It's awesome.

So, this spring when I decided to put ANOTHER flower bed in my front yard, I was HEARTBROKEN to have my shovel handle snap off barely 20 minutes into removing the topsoil.

When I posted how sad I was about it, a friend asked me what I was going to make out of it.  I lol'ed, but in my head, I had an instant image.

Dad gave me one of his extra shovels, so I was able to complete the flower bed,
but I mourned my shovel and determined to give it a place of honor, somehow.

Last week, I finally had the time to work on it.  First, I cleaned it thoroughly, then I got out my drill and drilled a hole so I could run some hanging wire through the handle. 

Then I gave it a coat of white spray paint.  I just love spray paint.  I can't believe I've done projects for over 20 years without ever trying to work with it.  It's wonderful stuff!

I actually put 2-3 coats of spray paint on it, because the first coat was from a REALLY old can of paint that someone had given me, along with a tub of other random things, and it just didn't want to STICK to the metal.  :((

I wasn't sure how to get the whole, "Twilight Zone"-looking swirls.  I really should have looked up some pics on the web or something, but I'm SO DARN IMPATIENT!  OY!  So, I just jumped in with my black acrylic paint and a small paintbrush.

I went over that a couple of times, then pulled out my stencils and some red acrylic paint.  Here's where it became a LEARNING opportunity. (eyes rolling)

You see, a shovel may be a flat surface on which to paint, but that surface is at some interesting angles.  Trying to get the stencil to lay flat for the painting was next to impossible, so the lettering isn't as clean a look as I would prefer, but I am nothing if not DETERMINED, so I kept at it.  2-3 coats of the red paint for each letter, and the wording was done.  Everything got sealed with my spray sealer, and then it was time to hang.

When I went to hang it, it just lacked a I grabbed an old belt and some work gloves that are actually a little too snug on my over-grown hands, and used those to finish it off.

Now, my hard-working shovel hangs proudly displayed on my front door....warning all who enter what to expect! HA!

Project Cost: materials on hand
Project time: 2 days, to allow for paint to dry

Project Outcome:  SUCCESS!!

This is when I love being the Make-Do Queen!

UPDATE: I added in one very important word. 

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