Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My take on someone else's idea

Let me start by admitting that I got my idea from seeing something the wonderful ladies over at Shanty2Chic posted several months ago.

Here's their creation. 

I, as previously mentioned, happen to have a large supply of empty glass Torani bottles, so I knew I would be making something similar. 

The July 4th holiday was around the corner when inspiration hit!

I had more of the 12" fence picket sections mentioned in a previous post, and 3 bottles for nicely on one section. 

I built a box to surround the bottles, and borrowed a 1.5" drill bit from dad to drill holes in the top section. 

I tried just using the 1" drill bit that I already had, and just wriggling the bit around. Yeah. Not the best idea. I wound up having to scrap that wood and start over.

The right tools make ALL the difference!

Next I picked out the stickers that had the font I wanted and applied them to the bottles. 

Then I spray painted each bottle the appropriate color, and let dry.

I opted to spray paint the outside of the bottles, instead of painting the insides, so that I could put water in them and use as vases for the flowers from my gardens. 

When the paint was dry, I peeled off the stickers, placed the bottles on the bottom board, and used small nailed to attach the top piece. 


Project cost: $8 for red and blue spray paint. 
Project time: could be done in 1 afternoon. 

Outcome: SUCCESS!!

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