Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rug dyeing at home?

So I have this rug that goes around my toilet, you know the kind. Keeps your feet warm in the middle of the night.

Mine was a nice mocha color. Matched my towels.

In a fit of cleaning, I threw it in the wash with some towels... But not my towels. The towels from the girls bathroom.

The girls have a much more...excited...bathroom than I do. All orange, and turquoise, and purple, and green. It is perfect for two teenagers. Shows almost no dirt. 

See what I mean?

Anywho... Their towels aren't monochromatic like mine. And after the wash, my rug was a very questionable shade of green. :(

I got the bright idea to try and dye it back using coffee and tea… You know, like they're always telling you on Pinterest.

So I cleaned out the trashcan, brewed some tea and some coffee, and stuck it all in my bathtub with some more hot water.

I let it sit all day, checking on it every now and then to swirl & swish.

Then I set it in my washing machine to drip dry.

Now I have a mottled green rug. Some parts took, and some saw no change. 

So much for that. 

Project cost: $12 for a new rug 
Project time: 1 day

Result: Dud!
So much for Make-Do.

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