Saturday, March 15, 2014

More ways I've Re-Purposed a Torani glass bottle

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have an endless supply of empty Torani bottles with which to tinker.

I stumbled upon the marble look paint in that post, and decided to expand on it for a St. Patrick's day themed decoration.

I started with the darker color.  Poured a generous amount into the bottom of the bottle, and let it swirl and then turned the bottles upside down to drain/dry.

After a day or so, I added some white paint to the dark color, and mixed, then poured into the bottles to combine and finish coating.

Again, turned them upside down to allow to drain/dry for a couple of days.  Since it was cooler, it seemed to take a while for the paint to fully harden.

When done, I needed something to top and happened upon a green feather boa at Hobby Lobby. :D  Well....I AM a girl!  lol

So I cut the boa into pieces and folded over into the tops.  My daughter thought they still needed a little something more, so I had these green blingy gems from Five Below that I added around the bottles, and...

viola!!  St. Patrick's Day table centerpieces.

This is one time where being the Make-Do Queen worked out.

Time: 30 min here and there over a week...all told, maybe 4 hours.
Cost: $3.00 for bling, $5.00 for boa, $1 for paint from Walmart = $9.00 for 4 bottles.  Not bad!

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