Saturday, March 15, 2014

Glass Bottles everywhere!

NOTE:  Unless you're one of those uber-patient or meticulous people, this isn't really the project for you.  See some of my other blogs on glass bottles.  If you ARE one of those weirdos, then enjoy! HA!  Just kidding.....sorta.

After my failure in my initial attempt at drilling a hole in a glass bottle to create a light of some sort, determination set in!  I went to my favorite store, Home Depot, and purchased the glass/tile drill bits suggested for about $8.00.

I applied the lessons learned on the last attempt, and started the hole above the thicker bottom portion of the bottle.  I also filled an old hairspray bottle with water to facilitate less mess when trying to keep the drill spot wet, but my surfaces dry.

After taping the bottle off, I started drilling.  Very quickly, I realized that the right tool makes ALL the difference, but after another 10 minutes, I decided that this would be the 1st and last bottle I tried to drill through "for fun".

Being careful to spray the spot with water every minute or so, I drilled for about 40 minutes.  I did have to stop about 25 minutes in to change out the battery in my power drill, but I'm not sure I started with a full charge.

The end result was still smaller than what I could get a set of Christmas lights through, so I walked away to think about it for a day or so.  While wandering through Hobby Lobby with the BFF, I saw the small battery-powered LED lights and inspiration hit!  I did have some of those from when Dollar Tree (my other favorite store) sold them at Christmas time, and they were small enough to fit through the smaller hole.

I had seen the glass etching cream ($9 Hobby Lobby) praised highly on several posts on Pinterest, so had purchased some to try out on the bottles.  Since I was already doing a St. Patrick's Day theme party, I decided to etch Shamrocks onto the bottle.

Had to create the stencil for use, and the complete lack of directions on how long to leave on was disappointing.  A search of the posts on Pinterest suggested about 1-2 minutes, so that's what I did.  In hind-sight, I'll leave it on for 3-4 minutes next time.

Sprayed the whole finished bottle with spray on glitter, which isn't clearly visable in these pics, and turned on the lights.  Not horrible, but wish I had left the etching cream on longer.  Live and learn.

Time: 1 hour or so
Cost: $19

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